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Joseph McCaffrey

Soul Wisdom Mystery School

Joseph McCaffrey

Soul Wisdom Mystery School


Your Guide

Joseph McCaffrey is a guide of deep transformation, sharing insight, knowledge, and teachings on how to navigate the journey of transformation and revitalize your relationship with Soul + Spirit. 

With new guided healing journeys, soul-centric training, and deeply powerful nature connection practices, go beyond the ordinary into an expanded state of consciousness, as Joseph demystifies the path of Soul, Spirit, and Nature.

Join us here for community, courses, and support for your journey of transformation! This is the place to connect and share our longings and soul journey, synchronicities, loving support, and authentic heart-centered connection. 

When you hear the call, share your true self, ask questions, and suggest topics for all are training and workshops! 

Cross the threshold into the wilderness of Soul Wisdom Mystery School

An ecosystem of connection with others living a soul-infused life guided by Soul + Spirit. Soul Wisdom Mystery School is a place where you can be in deeper conversations with nature and other mystery seekers. Through the Soul Wisdom Mystery School, you have access to the support and training you need to embody your soulful vision in the world.

A place to root in and rise up. Soul Wisdom Mystery School will take you on an inner journey to ground into your true self and learn to see how all the parts of you show up in your life and work.

Renew your relationship with the natural world. Soul Wisdom Mystery School will bring the wild world alive and guide you to cultivate a strong connection to nature. This community will provide you with the nourishment you need to enrich the World.

Big Love and Thanks For You

We're so grateful that you're joining us here. You are offering so many of your gifts to enrich the World during these uncertain times. Thank you for sharing your journey and Soul gifts with us, in this wonderful, community of Soulful Leaders of Sacred Service!

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